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Hello, my dear RitelArt visitors,

I am Rita, the Ritelart artist, traveler, and nature lover. I was born in Lithuania, in the small town of Biržai, blessed with an impressive landscape. For many years I've lived in Greece, and currently, I live in Germany, in Eutin.

The history of Ritelart

Since childhood, I have been interested in art. As well, I was fascinated by various stones and their structure.

I remember always returning from nature with pockets full of various pebbles. During my childhood, I drew lots of nature, flowers, and stones from my love for nature and its beautiful landscapes. This hobby led me to finish art school.  In addition to the love of drawing, I have always been accompanied by the love of photography, and then developing those photos in a dark room, impatiently watching how the most beautiful images gradually emerge.


In the Ritelart art studio store, you will find all that is associated with the environment around me. All this warmth and love is loaded into my artwork.


I invite you to visit and discover your home interior accessory that will become a part of your home's coziness. Paintings and handmade home accessories - will always be an original gift with which you will pleasantly surprise your relatives, colleagues, or business partners, and unique handmade resin jewelry for women - will always leave an impression and, at the same time, a warm memory of you.


As a traveler, I wish the same for my artwork - I ship products worldwide.

I appreciate your choice, and my creative art studio house is always open to you!



With love and respect to you,

Your Artist Rita, RitelArt

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