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  • What is epoxy resin
    Epoxy resin is a low or high-viscosity, transparent mass that is adaptable and used in the production of trays, jewelry, handicrafts, and various other products. The epoxy resin consists of two parts - resin and hardener. When we mix the resin with the hardener, a chemical reaction occurs, during which heat is released, and after a specific time, these materials harden. Clear epoxy resin can be painted with special pigments for epoxy, which is how our works are produced. It should be noted that due to the specific technique of preparing the products and considering that these are handmade products, each product may have different relief bumps, tiny, barely visible air bubbles or scratches that may appear during the production process, but the overall quality of the product is not affected.
  • Is it possible to make a second identical product?
    No, it is impossible; even when making several coasters simultaneously, they may differ slightly from each other. The products are handmade, cast using a special casting technique, so each product is unique, and it is impossible to make a second one exactly the same. You can make it as similar as possible, with similar colors, shapes, or patterns, but you will not be able to make an identical product.
  • What can be placed on trays & coasters?
    When serving the table for glasses and cups, more giant glasses trays are perfect for serving cold snacks, one-bite sandwiches, and sushi. It is also excellent in various compositions simply as a decor element for placing home fragrances, vases, and candles. On the vanity table: place jewelry and perfumes. For putting soap or glass with toothbrushes, cosmetics, and home fragrances. For placing business cards, frames, and other decor details.
  • How to maintain the resin products?
    Wash under warm running water and liquid dishwashing detergent. Use a soft sponge, and dry with a soft cloth. The material is non-porous, so it is hygienic. When not using it for a long time and keeping one on top of the other, separating each tray with a napkin is recommended. Due to the glass’s smooth surface and the protective layer’s elastic properties, a vacuum may form between the pressed surfaces, and separation will be difficult.
  • What is not recommended to do with epoxy resin crafts?
    Wash in the dishwasher or clean with coarse sponges. Heat in the microwave. Keep out of direct sunlight. Placing hot cups and dishes is not recommended, as imprints may appear. To put hot dishes, they should be protected at the bottom.
  • Are the resin products heat-resistant?
    Our products are heat-resistant up to 60 degrees, so putting them in any hot dishes is not recommended because the product may deform and leave marks and imprints. To place hot dishes, they should be protected at the bottom.
  • Is it possible to order a custom resin product?
    If you didn't find the desired set or set in the gallery, we can always offer you an individual set according to the desired color and set. It can be produced according to the interior photos sent to make the set more suitable and personalized. To place an individual order, you can write to us at When writing, indicate what you are interested in, what quantity, and what colors; you can send sample photos from our social networks or gallery page (located at the top of our website).
  • How long does the manufacture of custom resin products take?
    Depending on the time of year, the availability, and the size of the order, it can take from 5 days until 20 days to manufacture the resin craft.
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