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Wall decor: 5 ideas for an eloquent home interior

Updated: Mar 9

Wall decor: 5 ideas for an eloquent home interior

The all-white interior, which has been popular for many years, is gradually

replaced by more colorful and original solutions. They are best emphasized by wall decor - today, there are many new methods that help make homes authentic and charismatic.

Wall decor can be eloquent; you just need to choose the most suitable method for your home. Here are five new wall decor ideas for easily and quickly updating your home and redesigning spaces with decor.

New for the season - modern 3D paintings on the wall

Modern paintings create a particular mood at home - they enliven the entire interior and give it originality. In addition, it says a lot about the owners of the house themselves: modern paintings are chosen by brave and self-confident personalities.

Some of the most popular today are 3D paintings. These are three-dimensional paintings with a fantastic sense of depth. Each item pictured is raised and painted individually to ensure quality.

Handmade paintings are created precisely and finished to the last detail. It gives a luxury feel and can blend well in any home.

It is recommended to choose 3D paintings according to the color palette: either combine with the existing one or choose elements of bright colors. In both cases, you will be sure that the home will have modern and eye-catching interior detail. Etiquette experts say that one outstanding painting is enough for the whole wall.

Resin paintings are like a breath of classics at home

Resin paintings also look highly modern but simultaneously bring a touch of classicism to the home. These paintings always look extremely original - it is impossible to reproduce the same patterns, so you will not find two such works.

Epoxy paintings can combine different colors or use a clear resin with selected patterns

Wall decor: 5 ideas for an eloquent home interior: resin paintings

embedded in them.

Epoxy resin on canvas always looks high-quality and luxurious. In addition, such paintings do not fade, so they can be hung where direct sunlight falls.

Modern paintings fascinate with their unexpected solutions and easy adaptation to the general interior. And more importantly, it reveals character: darker colors symbolize a stricter style, lighter colors are much more romantic, and bright colors give the room youthfulness and vitality.

Wall decoration: look for unexpected solutions

Wall decorations don't have to be boring, so looking for something unique is worth it. Drawings on the walls have been known for over a century, and in today's interior, they are reborn with original solutions.

Wall art and decoration opens the way to fantasy: it can be a mural, glue or oil painting, mosaic, or a mixture of several techniques. This produces smooth or embossed surfaces.

The choice of the drawing itself is also essential. In modern interiors, abstract landscapes or paintings of geometric shapes are often chosen, while in classical ones, fragments of flowers and nature are more suitable.

Most often, wall art becomes the room's main accent, so the drawing's size depends on the space and natural lighting.

Drawings on the wall and wall decoration can stand out not only in colors but also in different textures. The most important thing is that the drawings are made using quality tools and, of course, a vein of creativity. It can become an ideal choice for any style of home!

Oil paintings enriches the wall decor

Oil paintings fit perfectly into a modern interior, and the artworks created with oils have a great depth of color. In addition, oil paintings can be painted on different surfaces: not only on canvas but also on cardboard, metal, or glass.

However, oil canvas paintings on the walls are usually chosen for home decor - they are easy to combine with the interior, and you can choose from abstract and very realistic paintings.

Oil paintings can be boldly mixed with other techniques and get unexpected textures - this is one of the most fashionable trends in recent years.

Oil paintings are usually a little more expensive than acrylic paintings, so when choosing a painting, you should first set your budget. On the other hand, quality paintings are often considered not only interior detail but also an excellent investment.

Acrylic paintings will suit almost every home

Acrylic paintings make the canvas thinner, which is ideal for creating soft and light landscapes. So if you want romanticism in your wall decor, acrylic painting is the best choice.

Different technologies are often mixed when creating paintings, but acrylic paintings are the least favorable. Therefore, fans of classics who want exceptional quality usually choose acrylic paintings.

Framing such paintings is also essential: the frame must be delicate and strong. The biggest

Wall decor: 5 ideas for an eloquent home interior: acrylic paintings

mistake is carved frames, which only complicate the picture and divert attention from the landscape itself.

Interior decorations do not have to be symmetrical or perfectly compatible with each other, and priorities are given to originality and uniqueness. So the main rule is no accents of commercial trading houses, and it is better to decorate the walls with one piece of handmade art than dozens of cheap-looking pieces.

The house's interior becomes eloquent only when enough time and effort are devoted to its creation. However, if you want additional help, it is worth relying on the solutions offered by artists - they are easy to find in the online store!

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