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Epoxy resin and 5 myths about it

Updated: Mar 9

Epoxy resin and 5 myths about it

Epoxy resin home accessories and products, the main material of which is epoxy resin, have been known for decades and can be used almost everywhere: from the hallway to the bathroom. It's like a classic that never goes out of fashion.

It is said that within a five-meter radius of each of us, you can find an item made with epoxy resin. However, to this day, there are many myths surrounding resin art products, and most of them are easily refuted.

What is epoxy resin?

Epoxy resin is abbreviated as a chemical substance consisting of epoxy resin and its hardener. Epoxy resin is versatile and can be used in industry, household, repairing cars, or creating art masterpieces. It is increasingly used in home interiors.

Casting epoxy resin by mixing colors creates unique surfaces like modern paintings. Epoxy can have different color pigments or be completely transparent - it all depends on the chosen resin.

Resin can have different properties, so it is worth choosing quality products: transparent resin art resembles glass. Still, it does not break and is very durable; colored products resemble high-density plastic. Meanwhile, low-quality products are fragile and easily damaged.

Myth no. 1: Epoxy must not come into contact with food

Some still claim that epoxy can only be used for decorative purposes and is unsuitable for household use.

Many resin art products have special certificates proving that the material is safe for contact

Epoxy resin and 5 myths about it: resin trays

with food. It is essential to know that certificates are required only in certain countries, so even if the epoxy artwork you choose does not have such a certificate, it does not mean it is unsafe.

Cured epoxy is inactive and ideal for household use. Resin trays will decorate the kitchen of any style and emphasize originality.

Resin trays not only look very original but also perform their function perfectly. Equally important is that trays on a table or cabinet look aesthetic and significantly enrich the interior.

Myth no. 2: Epoxy is unstable

Another popular myth concerns the longevity of epoxy. For example, it is said that resin trays are almost disposable: as soon as hot food is placed on them, they melt. The epoxy no longer changes its shape after curing and is resistant to chemical factors, mechanical effects, and even pressure.

Often, additional surfaces are covered with a special coating that protects against scratches and minor mechanical damage.

In other words, epoxy resembles dense plastic in its properties, and only it is stronger than it so that it can serve for many years.

Myth no. 3: Epoxy is challenging to mix

One of the most popular interior solutions is to repeat the epoxy pattern in small details in each room. For example, if the living room has an epoxy table, the hall can have resin trays, and the kitchen can have the same or a similar pattern on the countertop.

Many people still think that epoxy products' colors are limited to just a few shades. In fact, you can choose from the entire palette and discover the most suitable color ranges for your home: even very playful combinations can be obtained. However, epoxy products are famous for their classic appearance - this feature is the most important when combining different styles.

It is also interesting that even the same resin product can look completely different in different interiors - it depends on the lighting, emphasized colors, and additionally combined details.

Myth no. 4: Resin products are challenging to maintain

Having resin products at home sooner or later raises questions about their care. The truth is that resin art products can be washed with water and detergents, and it is recommended to dry them with a soft cloth or let them dry naturally.

It is also essential that resin products are highly resistant to UV rays - so their color does not fade, and they can stand in any house room.

Resin products are not recommended to be heated in a microwave oven and washed in a dishwasher. In addition, due to the smooth surface like glass, a vacuum can be created between the pressed surfaces, so when storing such products on top of each other, it is recommended to separate them with napkins.

Myth no. 5: Epoxy casting is an outdated technology

The technique of epoxy casting is constantly improving, but it retains its main characteristics - originality, durability, and a sense of luxury. Each product is authentic and created by hand, so it is impossible to reproduce completely identical patterns.

Classic patterns are created with epoxy, which can be easily given modernity with the help of

Epoxy resin and 5 myths about it: resin coasters

unusual combinations of shades. Such resin products are easy to combine with the interior and always stay in fashion.

A epoxy table, resin trays, or resin coasters can become an authentic home accent - works of art add many colors to everyday life.

Epoxy opens wide possibilities for fantasy - it is difficult to find two identical products. In addition, if artistic hands touch them, you will be sure your home will have an original, eye-catching interior detail.

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