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Interior design ideas: 5 trends for 2023

Updated: Mar 8

Interior design ideas: 5 trends for 2023

Are you looking for home interior design ideas and trends that keep pace with modern interior design trends? What's new in 2023?

After the pandemic, many new winds have appeared in the home interior: the layout of the spaces, the functionality of the furniture, and even the color palettes have changed. In 2023, the interior of homes, especially the living room interior design, will become more playful but maintain clear criteria of aesthetics and modernity.

You don't need to change the entire interior radically to keep up with the main trends. Sometimes, just a few details are enough to make the interior of a house or apartment unrecognizable.

Interior design ideas: what is the most fashionable in 2023?

The most fashionable home interior of 2023 will be inseparable from red and burgundy colors: they will begin to appear in various home accents, small details, and textures.

It is said that different tones of raspberry pink will be the most popular in wall decor. This is especially important when it comes to the interior of the living room because, for example, kitchens will still be dominated by monochronic white colors. So the living room is part of the house where the most changes occur.

Great attention is paid to natural materials, so the color palette will also be dominated by earthy colors: warm, muted, vegetable colors will be at the peak of popularity. Of course, sandy shades do not retreat from the main options either.

For furniture and textiles in 2023, wool, cotton, bamboo, and the complete novelty of the season - cork material will be used. Combining different materials with each other is recommended; do not be afraid to experiment. If you are not brave, it is suggested to leave the natural wood, which has been popular for many years, as the main accent, and combine something unusual next to it.

Interior design ideas 2023. Trend no. 1 - rounded shapes

Everything that does not have sharp corners is fashionable this year: round cushions, trays, carpets, and decorative bowls. Interior specialists recommend paying attention to coffee tables - the interior of the living room can change beyond recognition if you replace the old table with a new, round one.

The most popular solution is original single tables decorated with authentic patterns, for

Interior design ideas: rounded shapes

example, epoxy tables. Such a coffee table will become the main accent of the living room. In addition, it is worth looking for matching details.

If you want something "smaller," it is worth looking for small but beautiful home accessories - for example, impressive resin trays that look exquisite and serve as serving dishes.

Interior design ideas 2023. Trend no. 2 - the return of arched niches

Arched niches were undeservedly forgotten, but today they are making a comeback! Architectural forms in 2023 will be much softer, so different arches will be used. The interior of the new house will also charm with its rounded shapes. Interestingly, even in highly modern homes, arches fit perfectly: choose the proper lighting and color palette.

The most famous interior designers advise - if you do not want to change the room radically, it will be enough to install an arched niche, which will be functional for storing things and create a separate space that will look aesthetically pleasing.

One of the most important tips is not to overload yourself with unnecessary things. It is better to choose original and high-quality home details that are easy to adapt to the household—for example, playful candle holders and fruit bowls.

Interior design ideas 2023. Trend no. 3 - the idea of sustainability in the interior

There is no doubt that the concepts of sustainability are becoming relevant in all areas of life. The house's interior is no exception - looking for new home accents on the shelves of thrift stores, or second-hand stores is recommended. Home interiors, especially living room design, can be easily brightened with textiles, small candlesticks, or serving sets.

However, if you want a new, original thing at home, you should pay attention to handmade works. Also, find out what materials they are made of. Remember - having one long-lasting work of art is better than ten low-quality accessories.

Interior design ideas 2023. Trend no. 4 - minimalist interior becomes more playful

The minimalist interior is the most popular choice in modern homes. However, creating it attractive and not dull sometimes becomes a real challenge: minimalist interior uses few aesthetic elements, and almost all of them are functional, so there is little room for interpretation.

A minimalist interior and living room design is usually created by choosing just a few colors: for example, white, gray, and black. However, in 2023 it is recommended to experiment with colors and textures. An unusual tray, an original pattern, an original pattern of a classic coffee table, or a painting.

The paintings should be given extra attention - choosing large-format, bright artwork that would enliven and decorate the entire room is recommended.

Interior design ideas 2023. Trend no. 5 - the more functional details, the better!

Both the classic living room interior and the modern one in 2023 will have this in common: functionality will become increasingly important. During the pandemic, the spaces of many of our homes have become not only a place of rest but also a place of work, so every item in the house must be well thought out.

For example, suppose you want to decorate the cabinet with some original accessories. In that case, it must have a purpose: instead of a standard tray, you can choose a cake tray made of natural materials.

Wall clocks are also returning to the main interior trends - the most famous design houses

Interior design ideas: functional details

offer a choice of classic-type clocks decorated with abstract patterns.

It is essential that the small living room design can also look spacious if it is not overloaded. Using as much natural light as possible is recommended, so additional lamps become unnecessary - instead, use candles as an additional light source.

However, the most important trend in 2023 is a playful interior, sometimes even called dopamine decoration. What does this mean? It can be a new color for the walls, a painting, or a tray - anything that makes the house owners happy and makes them feel a little better.

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