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Unique gifts for business: 5 ideas to surprise your business partner, colleague, or boss

Updated: Mar 9

Unique gifts for business

Business gifts have their criteria: uniqueness, aesthetics, and quality are the things that must be paid attention to. According to etiquette, business gifts cannot be too personalized, so cosmetics, perfumes, or scarves are inappropriate. The only allowed personal gift is a tie, sometimes an original and appropriate choice for those seeking a more personal gift.

Finding unique gifts for business partners can become a real headache, especially if you want to congratulate long-time partners to whom you already seem to have given everything.

In this article - some unique gift ideas for business.

1. Unique handmade gifts are - a huge YES

Nothing is worse than a business gift chosen at the nearest supermarket - you risk not only showing bad taste but also that your business partner will receive dozens of identical gifts. This way, you will not leave a good impression and stand out from the crowd.

Handmade gifts are one of the best solutions: it is impossible to find two identical ones, even if the same technology makes them. Resin art products can be a great choice - they have a classic look, and you can choose soft color palettes. In addition, the created patterns look extremely unique.

Functionality is no less important, so souvenirs that are difficult to fit, such as figurines or decorative cups, should be avoided. When looking for a business gift, one of the main questions must be: how will the gift be used in everyday life? All functional gifts in the home or office are suitable for business.

2. Unique business gifts: what to choose instead of sweets?

There is an unwritten rule that business gifts should stay in the office. The most popular business gifts are usually edible: chocolates, cakes, candies, or even assorted fruits. It is pretty popular to give luxury cheeses or meat products, and alcoholic beverages. However, such gifts are easily "customized." They are certainly not the most original. In addition, etiquette experts warn that you can only give food to colleagues you know very well.

It is worth following the latest home interior trends for a memorable, unique gift. One of the most popular novelties of the season is resin trays. It can be trays of classic and irregular geometric shapes that fit perfectly into any interior and become a wonderful accent.

Although it is said that it is not appropriate to give clocks as gifts, etiquette experts refute this notion - wall clocks can become a fantastic business gift. It is advisable to choose lightly decorated clocks decorated with abstract patterns, and it is essential to choose not too big and, preferably, classic round watches.

3. Business interior, tray & coasters sets. When are they appropriate, and when do you pass them by?

Although decorative resin trays and coaster sets may sound like something other than the most original gift, they can be a great solution if you consider a few essential details.

The first - is in which type of office the recipient of the gift is located: classic, modern, or, for

Unique gifts for business: resin coasters

example, futuristic. Serving dishes must also perform a decorative function, so adapting the style is one of the main tasks. If you're not sure, it's worth choosing classic, neutral-toned products that are easy to apply. However, the main trends of 2023 are obvious - colors and playfulness will appear in almost every interior. Therefore, colors should not be avoided when looking for a unique gift.

The second is whether there will be room for the serving set. A serving set is not a good idea if there is no space in your business partner's office.

The third - the serving set must be original. One-of-a-kind products are the most suitable choice. Remember that the decorative purpose is one of the most important!

4. Personalized business gifts and searches for individuality

Original gifts are always associated with exceptional attention and individual customization. Engraved products can become a great solution. However, avoiding your business paraphernalia would help - you can give it as a gift without an occasion.

Indeed, exceptional gifts are only when the giving process is thought through. If you want to make an impression, just giving a gift is not enough - you must also personalize the present. Suitable greeting words, a bouquet, or an animated presentation will help.

True, many gifts are sent by mail: the most original delivery of such a gift is accompanied by an individually written letter. Etiquette experts advise sending handwritten notes - they always leave an impression of consideration.

5. A business gift is a real work of art

Business gifts must be aesthetic, so one of the most beautiful choices is real works of art—for example, paintings. Original paintings by artists can cost tens of thousands, so when

Unique gifts for business: paintings

choosing a painting for a business gift, you first need to define your budget.

Then it would help if you thought about style and techniques. The most common choices are acrylic or oil paintings, and they are considered classic, so combining them in any interior is uncomplicated.

Paintings for business gifts should be framed using simple, inconspicuous frames. In addition, it is also essential that preference should be given to paintings of smaller dimensions.

It is said that gifts tell a lot about the giver - they can show values and priorities. And sometimes make a fool of yourself - so that this does not happen, it is worth choosing high-quality, long-lasting gifts. They don't have to be expensive - their sustainability and uniqueness are more important.

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